Florida Qualified and Certified Interpreters interested in employment with PIC

Founded in 1995 by Donna and Russ Miller, Professional Interpreting Consultants, Inc. is proud to be one of the longest running interpreting agencies in the Tampa Bay area.

With many longstanding relationships with both our customers and our interpreters, we offer our client base many years of combined experience serving the Deaf community.

Professional Interpreting Consultants, Inc. offers interpreting services in multiple fields including medical, mental health, social services, employer services, educational, legal, conferences, meetings, performing arts, and many others.

We provide Florida State Qualified and Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreters. Requests for Interpreters can be made by Phone, Fax or E-mail. We will do our best to fill last minute and emergency requests. Based on Interpreter availability, we will work hard to fulfill your business needs.

The goal of Professional Interpreting Consultants, Inc. is to ensure that hearing clients as well as deaf individuals have efficient access to reliable, accurate and confidential Interpreting Services to aid in complying with Federal ADA Regulations (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Customers requesting our Terms of Service

Interpreter Coordinator

Phone: 813-643-1995

Cell: 813-504-1185

Fax: 813-685-0153

Florida Registry
of Interpreters
for the Deaf's Code
of Professional Conduct.
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If you have questions concerning your customer accounting

Noelle Vans Evers - Accounting

Phone: 813-643-9225

Fax: 813-685-0153

FAX 813-685-0153


TEL 813-643-1995

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